Keep your eyes in your pants

This advice was offered by one gym rat warning another about spending too much time looking at the women in the gym.  It’s a conflation of “keep your hands (or eyes) to yourself”  and “keep your p**ker (d**k) in your pants”, both meaning to refrain from touching or gawking at another.   This malaphor seems timely in light of the #metoo movement.  Perhaps a new slogan?  A big thanks to Verbatim for sharing this one.


One Comment on “Keep your eyes in your pants”

  1. Beatrice Zablocki says:

    Just wondering if “keep your eyes” has anything to do with the frequent female complaint of “My eyes are up here” meaning “don’t stare at my breasts”, while “keep your P**ker in your pants” suggests a warning about not dreaming about sex with the woman whose breasts he was obviously staring at.

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