They really swept her under the bus

Two friends were talking about someone who was betrayed.  It is a nice mashup of “swept under the rug” (to deny or conceal from public view knowledge of something that is embarrassing or damaging to one’s reputation) and “thrown under the bus” (to exploit someone’s trust for someone’s own purpose).  “Under” is the common culprit here, in addition to the three letter words “bus” and “rug”.  This seems to be the latest in the bus malaphor series.  In addition to this one, I have posted such similar malaphors  as “she threw me under the wolves (, “Trump is not going to throw Paul Ryan over the bus” (, and “he really sold him under the bus” (, the latter a classic uttered Cristin Milioti.  Not sure what’s so hard about uttering “thrown under the bus” but the phrase seems to conjure up a lot of other idioms in the brain’s recesses….A big thank you to Verbatim for hearing this and passing it on.

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