The world is going to shit in a handcart

This colorful malaphor was uttered by someone referring to the Trump presidency.  It is a nice congruent conflation of “gone to shit” and “going to hell in a handbasket (or handcart)” both meaning a person or system is in a bad state and getting worse.  This malaphor is very similar to a previous one posted, “the project is going to pot in a handbasket” (9/15/02).    A big thanks to Kerry Reynolds for hearing this one and passing it on.


3 Comments on “The world is going to shit in a handcart”

  1. curioussteph says:

    Good one. It appeared as I was starting to work on an update on my malaprop and malaphor collection, and was pondering the unending supply! Thanks for the chuckle!

  2. Bob Marchinetti says:

    Pirates General Manager Neil Huntington on his pregame show was asked how he can juggle playing to win vs giving inexperienced players a chance to play. He answered, “You walk that balance.” He’s combining “You balance that” with “You walk that fine line.”

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