We don’t want to go down those weeds

At a technology presentation, the speaker referenced a certain topic but did not want to get sidetracked from the main area of subject matter, so he uttered this nice malaphor.  It’s a mash up of “in the weeds” (preoccupied with the details) and “going down that road” (to decide to do something in a particular way).  Weeds are often found on the sides of roads so the speaker may have been conjuring up an image of a littered highway.  A big thanks to Mike Kovacs, Malaphor Hunter Extraordinaire, for hearing this one and sending it in.


One Comment on “We don’t want to go down those weeds”

  1. Robyn Bottoni says:

    Hi Dave “In the weeds” is also a restaurant term meaning you are in over your head regarding time/can’t keep up with duties. >

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