My perception has changed 180 degrees on a dime

Now that’s a change!  This was spoken on a television commercial for dog food.  A man is looking at ingredients on a can and realizes that it is the dog food he buys and contains a lot of unhealthy ingredients. He thought it was a good product until he saw the ingredients.  He then says that he will buy the dog food being touted. He says “My perception has changed 180 degrees on a dime.”  This is a conflation of “turning on a dime” (change directions very quickly) and “do a 180 degree turn” (to change opinion radically).  The word “change” might have prompted the speaker to think about money and so “dime” might have spit out in addition to the 180 degrees.  A big thanks to Diane Bufter for hearing this one and sending it in.  As she said in her post to me, “I give him extra points for not making the common mistake of saying “360 degrees” which gets you right back where you started.  Very true, Diane.  I hear that all the time (including from my lips!).


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