Things are not rosy-dory

I usually post my malaphors in the order I receive them, but this one is an exception.  Donald Trump was condemning the optimistic picture of the nation that Hillary Clinton painted at the Democratic National Convention.  Speaking at a rally in Denver, Trump said Clinton was “talking last night about how wonderful things are. She made it sound like everything is rosy-dory,” Trump said. “Things are not rosy-dory, folks.”  See   This is a congruent conflation  of “hunky-dory” and “rosy”, both meaning happy and content.

Interestingly, the Rosy Dory is a cute little fish found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Not sure Mr. Trump was thinking of this or the Disney movie but it certainly could have been part of the mix up.  The malaphor reminds me of an earlier one I posted, “that’s just peachy-dory!”, combining hunky-dory and peachy keen.

A major shout out to Sam Edelmann for spotting this one and also linking the Rosy Dory fish as well!


rosy dory


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