Nobody bats a hundred in this business

Another excellent one from the sports world.  The Baltimore Ravens held a pre-draft press conference during which GM Ozzie Newsome said that “nobody bats a hundred in this business.”  This is a mash up of  “nobody gets a hundred percent right” (no one is perfect) and “batting a thousand” (baseball expression – doing something extremely well and better than expected).   The idiom “giving 110 percent” (going above and beyond what a person thinks he is capable) also might have been in the speaker’s mind. You can hear this malaphor at @ 15:15 at the following link:,%20Eric%20DeCosta,%20John%20Harbaugh,%20Joe%20Hortiz%20meet%20with%20media%20at%201%20Winning%20Drive%20(Part%203)

A big thanks to Gerry Abbott for hearing this one and passing it on!

By the way, there are loads of malaphors from the sports world in my book “He Smokes Like a Fish and other Malaphors”, which can be purchased cheap on Amazon –

ozzie newsome



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