I can’t keep my eyes awake

The Mistress of Malaphors, Naomi David, strikes again with this gem uttered in a sleep deprived state.  This is a combo of “keep one’s eyes open” (watchful and observant) and “wide awake” (fully alert) or “stay awake”.  The picture below demonstrates the fine art of keeping one’s eyes awake.  Keep ’em coming, Naomi!  Thanks to Katie Hatfield for sending this one in!

2 Comments on “I can’t keep my eyes awake”

  1. John Costello 2 says:

    Excellent. Like the pic too. You could have gone all in and used the picture from A Clockwork Orange too.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Ron Marks says:

    Great and unique use of a match Dave.

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