It blows the roof off my doors

This seems to be a mash up of “blows the doors off” (very fast) and “hit the roof” (very angry).  My ol’ pal says maybe “blows his lid”, which also means very angry.  The context, however, was something exceeding expectations.  which would indicate “go through the roof” (prices go exceedingly high) might be in play.  A big thank you to Paul Brendel by way of Kevin Hatfield for reporting this one.

3 Comments on “It blows the roof off my doors”

  1. Doobster418 says:

    Doors have roofs? I did not know that.

  2. ykstam says:

    Said tonight on all things considered by (?) Melissa Block. Talking about today’s IPO for Alibaba, she retailed the folk tale, then said Ali Baba stole some of the treasure and then uttered this gem. Clearly, having stolen the loot, he made out like a bandit, and he made off with the loot. Take a large spoon, stir, and this is what you get.

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