It’s like taking food out of our pocket

MaryKathryn strikes again.  Here is her story: “I was having a conversation with my husband about a particular client. I told him I was concerned about running up this particular client’s legal bill and told him we should not charge him for some work we had done. He gave me “the look” as I call it and I said, ‘yes, I know, it is like taking food out of our pocket.’  Once again the discussion ended in my husband laughing at me.”

This gem is a mash up of being “out of pocket” (have less money than you should have) and “taking bread from someone’s mouth” (depriving someone of his livelihood).  She may also have been thinking of songs from Oliver, including “Food, Glorious, Food”, and “You’ve Got To Pick a Pocket or Two”.  Well done, MaryKathryn!