We pooled our heads together

This excellent malaphor was heard at a garden club.  The context was a story about the founding of a garden at the U.S. National Arboretum. The designers were told at the last minute that they needed to make a major change to one of the parts of the garden, so they “pooled our heads together” to quickly come up with an alternative.  Many thanks to Barry Eigen for hearing this one and sending it in.  Barry notes this is a mash up of  “pooled our ideas/resources”  (group individual ideas or money), “pull together (as a team)” (cooperate, work well together), and perhaps, by sound,  “pulled our thoughts (or ideas) together”.  This latter suggestion is intriguing to me, as the sound “pull” and “pool” are indistinguishable here in Western Pennsylvania, resulting in a homonym (the same is true of “hill” and “heel”, as in the classic classified ad, “high hills for sale”).  Perhaps the speaker hailed from Pittsburgh?