Stormy McDaniels

Larry Noble, a campaign finance expert and former general counsel for the Federal Election Commission, uttered this word blend on the PBS News Hour last night.  It is a mash up of Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, the two women who alleged to have affairs with Donald Trump before the 2016 election.  Malaphors can be word blends as well as idiom blends, such as this one or Buckminster Palace, a blend of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace (with perhaps a dash of Buckminster Fuller).

President Donald Trump listens as Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev speaks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


So it only stands fair that he should be prosecuted for misconduct also

This one was heard on the PBS News hour by one of Trump’s accusers of sexual misconduct.  It is a blend of “seems fair” and “stands to reason” (is obvious).   A big thanks to Laszlo Veres for hearing this one.