We’ll be walking a tightrope around coronavirus for some time

Paul Jackson, global head of asset allocation research at Invesco, was discussing investing amid the coronavirus crisis.  “We’ll be walking a tightrope around coronavirus for some time.”  This is a mashup of “walking a tightrope” (being extremely careful and precise) and “tiptoeing around” (avoiding confrontation).  Here is the link:  https://www.cnbc.com/video/2020/05/11/well-be-walking-tightrope-around-coronavirus-for-some-time-investor.html

A tip of the toque to Barry Eigen for spotting this one in the news wilds.  And yes, Barry, I found a circular tightrope (sorta).


You hit it right on the point

This one was uttered by Andy Brenner (National Alliance Securities) on CNBC, referring to a comment made by Rick Santelli.  It is a congruent conflation of “hit the nail on the head” and “on point”. both meaning to be exactly right, accurate, or perfect.  Nails have points so the mental hiccup occurred with that visual, presumably.  A big thanks to big brother John Hatfield for hearing this one and sending it in.  #RickSantelli #CNBC

Deficit hawks folded like a cheap suit

This timely beauty was uttered by CNBC’s Jim Cramer on his show “Squawk on the Street”.  He was talking about the Republicans who had been deficit hawks for years and now voted for a tax bill that grows the deficit by at least 1.5 trillion dollars.  It is a nice mashup of “folded like a cheap suitcase” (collapse easily) and “all over her like a cheap suit” (pawing and clinging; seductive).  You can hear and see this one on the following link:


Kudos to Sam Edelmann for hearing this one.  He was all over it like a cheap suitcase.