Everyone’s digging their heels in the sand right now

This beauty was found in an editorial entitled “Modern Politics are Blind”, found in civicscience.com  – https://civicscience.com/modern-politics-are-blind/.   This is a mash up of “dig your heels in” (refuse to alter a course of action) and  “stick one’s head in the sand” (refuse to think about an unpleasant event), or “bury one’s head in the sand” (to ignore or hide from obvious signs of danger).   “Draw a line in the sand” (create an artificial boundary and imply that crossing it will cause trouble) might also be in the mix.  All the phrases concern being obstinate or refusing something, whether it is advice or in the context of the editorial, the facts.  This malaphor is similar to a great one uttered by Steve Scalise (R-LA) who said, “he has stuck his feet in the sand”, referring to Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats (see https://malaphors.com/2013/10/03/he-has-stuck-his-feet-in-the-sand/).

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