Well, at blanket face? He’s great.

This was uttered by the Queen of Malaphors, Naomi David.  Her friend asked her what she thought of a guy she (her friend) was dating, and the Queen responded with this malaphor.  Katie Hatfield says it is triple mash up and I agree: making a “blanket statement” (a phrase used to describe similarly situated things, usually resulting in diluting the specific meaning of individual terms), “at face value” (accepted from its outward appearance), and “point blank” (telling someone directly).   Maybe Naomi was thinking of the Face Blanket, termed by the Huffington Post as “the stupidest product no one needs ever”.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/23/face-blanket_n_6737266.html   Yes, that’s right, a blanket that goes over your face.  So perhaps the boyfriend really looks better with a face blanket.   Cheers!