He pulls those hat tricks out of the bag

This awesome conflation was uttered by Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles right tackle, talking about his quarterback Carson Wentz.  A lot is going on in this malaphor.  “A bag of tricks” (skills one is able to use) and “pull a trick (on someone)” (to carry out a trick) are both in the mix, as well as “pull a rabbit out of the hat” (to do something that is seemingly impossible), the latter which is probably what the speaker was looking for.  The beauty of this one is that he adds “hat trick” (same player scores three goals in a hockey game), applying a hockey term to football.  Here is the link to this mash up:

A big thanks to Jim Kozlowski for spotting this one and sending it in.  A classic for sure.


I like to put another feather in our bag of tricks

This little ditty was heard on the Discovery Channel’s “Fire in the Hole”, episode entitled “Pressure Cooker”.  It was spoken by Matt Barnett, CEO of Texplo Explosives.  This is a mash up of “feather in our cap”  (achievement) and “pull out of my bag of tricks” (one’s stock of resources and stratagems).  Perhaps the speaker was thinking of those doves flying out of a magician’s hat and feathers flying?  A big thanks to Alan Richardson who heard and submitted this one.