Wake up and smell the roses

This common malaphor (many hits on the internet) is a mixture of “wake up and smell the coffee” (try to pay attention to what is going on), “come up smelling like a rose” (succeeding from a bad situation) and “stop and smell the roses” (enjoy what’s around you).  The latter was a title to a 1974 hit song by Mac Davis.  This malaphor is similar to “please stop and smell the daisies” published on August 30, 2013.  Many thanks to Sam Edelmann for unintentionally uttering this one and passing it along!

Mac Davis - Stop And Smell The Roses Records, CDs and LPs

Put on another cup of coffee

This is a mash up of “put on a pot of coffee” and “get another cup of coffee”.  I just heard this one on the CW UPMC nightly sports call with Bob Pompeani, and yes Bob uttered this one as he was telling listeners to kick back and watch the show.  This is a Pittsburgh call in sports show that is very entertaining.

Bob Pompeani « CBS Pittsburgh