We’re really rounding the turn

Another trumpafor.  Trump uttered this one at a recent news conference, discussing the coronavirus.  Here is the text:

“We’re really rounding the turn. The vaccines are coming. The therapeutics have already come but they’re continuing to come,” Trump said of the coronavirus.


This is a congruent conflation of “rounding the corner”, “turning the corner”, and “rounding the bend”, all meaning to begin to find success after a troubling period.  A big thanks to Fred Martin and Sam Edelmann for both hearing this one.

Trump maintains US 'rounding the turn' on coronavirus | TheHill

2 Comments on “We’re really rounding the turn”

  1. momberner506 says:

    Couldn’t this be a horse race expression? Rounding the (last) turn before the home stretch ? Happy Labor Day. Linda


  2. davemalaphor says:

    I thought that as well, but the horse race expression always has a word in front, like clubhouse or in your example “last”. I think it’s a bona fide malaphor. Also Trump the next day said rounded the corner so perhaps his minions are malaphor followers….

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