Boiled to a head

This one comes from the sports world.  Here’s the full context: “Sunday’s Bills-Jaguars game started off tense when Jalen Ramsey took time from his busy day to remind Buffalo’s players they were trash. That conflict boiled to a head in the third quarter when a brawl erupted on the turf at New Era Field.”   Here’s the citation:

This is a nice conflation of “boiled over” (to become extremely intense or out of control) and “come to a head” (to reach a point of intensity at which action must be taken).  “Come to a boil” (to reach a crucial point) is also probably in the mix considering the context.  A boil on the skin has a “head” of sorts and so could have been in the writer’s mind.  A big thanks to Barry Eigen for spotting this one!


2 Comments on “Boiled to a head”

  1. Jim Weil says:

    here ya go, another one from the sports world. If you watch nick saban’s post-game interview after the SEC championship game, he was asked about his team’s performance, and he responded that his team showed a lot of “persevilience,” which is a congruent conflation of perseverance and resilience! Waddya think? Jimmy Weil

    • davemalaphor says:

      I listened to the post game interview and heard his say “resiliency” but not “persevilience”. Do you know when that was said? time during interview would be helpful. Thanks! Dave

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