This may not be the cross I want to die on

There was a discussion about due process errors in a law office, and this was uttered by someone who didn’t think they were worth fighting for.  It is a congruent conflation of the military expressions “not the hill to die on” and “fall on (one’s) sword”, both meaning something so important it must be dealt with.  While the word “sword” does not appear in the malaphor, my guess is that the speaker was thinking of a sword when he said “cross”, as the sword looks like a cross.  Also there might be some Christian symbolism of dying on a cross wrapped up in this one.  A big thanks to Yvonne Stam for hearing this one and passing it on.


2 Comments on “This may not be the cross I want to die on”

  1. Beatrice Zablocki says:

    How about the cross I bear.

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