At the same token

This subtle malaphor was uttered in a Washington Wizards post-game analysis show.  It is a congruent conflation of “by the same token” and “at the same time” (introducing parallel or closely contrasting information).  This one seems to be fairly common, given the number of internet hits.  One I particularly like is from Tommy Wiseau, director and star of the cult movie, “The Room”.  In an interview he stated:

“I tried to eat vegan, to be honest with you, and I tried to all different styles, it doesn’t work for me. At the same token. I think the world has been changed. The perfect example would be, how do you raise the chicken, which direction are you going, as a farmer. I think it’s something, what I personally didn’t know about. I mean just a few, I came by it by doing some research and I say “Wow, that’s something that never crossed my mind.”

A big thanks to Bruce Ryan for hearing this one and passing it on.


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