Anne of Seven Gables

This might be the first literary malaphor posted.   A friend was discussing books and mentioned this one.  It is a mash up of Anne of Green Gables, a children’s novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and The House of the Seven Gables, a novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  Gables created the garble.   A shout out to Martin Pietrucha for uttering this one and then man enough to send it in.

4 Comments on “Anne of Seven Gables”

  1. Beatrice Zablocki says:

    Lucy MAUD Montgomery. You misprinted it twice or I wouldn’t bother.

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  2. davemalaphor says:

    Changed it. Thanks!

  3. Robyn Bottoni says:

    Doug’s sitting here reiterating his argument with Martin about this submission. Doug says it’s a conflation of titles and Mart defended, “well Uncle Dave took it”. Doug says you make up your own rules; I’m just getting in the middle for fun. Hi Dave, -Robyn >

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