They took the wool away from my eyes

This malaphor was spotted on a review of the Wyndham Midtown 45 hotel on  Vanessa, the reviewer, was enchanted by the hotel and said “they took the wool away from my eyes.”;label=metatripad-link-imageus-hotel-56470_xqdz-2e33a0aee7c154048a2a6eb59c04ffc0_dom-com_curr-XXX_clkid-WRNP0gokMDMAAslhH6IAAABt;sid=92338740556946245c574dcf18bc8302;city=20088325;expand_sb=1;highlighted_hotels=56470;hlrd=no_dates;keep_landing=1;redirected=1;source=hotel&utm_campaign=us&utm_content=dom-com&utm_medium=image&utm_source=metatripad&utm_term=hotel-56470&

This is a mashup of “pulled the wool over our eyes” (to deceive) and “take (one’s) breath away” (to overwhelm someone with beauty or grandeur).  I guess once the wool was removed she was able to see clearly.  This one reminds me of an earlier malaphor posting, “he pulled the rug over my eyes”  Deceit and beauty seem to go together…. A big thank you to Diana Greenhalgh for spotting this one and sending it in!


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