Patience comes to those who wait

Huh?  Good to know. This not so wise malaphor is thanks to Michael Schwartz on WBNG 12 News in Binghamton NY.  It is a mashup of “good things come to those who wait” (if you are patient you will get what you want) and “patience is a virtue” (it is good to be patient).  A big thanks to Nancy for hearing this one and sending it in!


3 Comments on “Patience comes to those who wait”

  1. Beatrice Zablocki says:

    I love this one.

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  2. fitso says:

    Actually, I think this isn’t a result of blending idioms but misremembering parts of Miton’s “On his blindness”. Viz: “But patience to prevent//That murmur, soon replies, God doth not need//
    Either man’s work or his own gifts, who best// Bear his milde yoak, they serve him best, his State//Is Kingly. Thousands at his bidding speed// And post o’re Land and Ocean without rest:// They also serve who only stand and waite.”

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