She won’t cross that path

Comedian Jim Breuer, during his interview on The Howard Stern Show, was talking about his daughter and her reluctance to do a certain thing.  He said, “she won’t cross that path.”  This is a conflation of “cross the line” (to change from being acceptable to unacceptable) and “go down that path (or road)” (to do a particular thing).  Although not in context, the speaker may have been also thinking of “cross paths (with someone)” (meet someone by chance).  A big thanks to Vicki Ameel Kovacs, a regular malaphor contributor and loyal follower!

The Howard Stern Show is a goldmine for malaphors, as noted in my book He Smokes Like A Fish and other Malaphors, available on Amazon for a mere 6.99!  Check it out!  Howard would be proud.

jim breuer


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