I worked my butt to the bone

I’ve heard “bad to the bone”, but “butt to the bone”?  This hilarious, alliterative malaphor was uttered on a radio commercial promo for an upcoming Judge Judy show.   It is a congruent conflation of “worked my butt off” and “worked my fingers to the bone”, both meaning to work extremely hard.  Perhaps this should now be an expression used by workout trainers.  A big thank you to Steve Grieme who heard this one and passed it on!







2 Comments on “I worked my butt to the bone”

  1. Deb Rose says:

    Dave, A friend of mine was explaining to me how difficult it was growing up because her father ruled their home with an iron thumb.

    I immediately thought of you! Hope you are well. I am heading to Falls Church on Sunday for Week 4. Miss having you there. Debbie

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  2. davemalaphor says:

    Actually Deb I posted that one already. One of my first posts from “The Master”.

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