He’s just an old stick in the poke

This beauty was uttered in response to someone asking the speaker why her husband didn’t come to a brunch.  It is a mash up of “stick in the mud” (dull or old fashioned person) and “slow poke” (slow person).  Thanks to Polly McGilvray for sending this one in!

2 Comments on “He’s just an old stick in the poke”

  1. Doobster418 says:

    I had thought it would have been a mash up between “stick in the mud” and “pig in a poke,” which is an offering or deal that is foolishly accepted without being examined first. A poke is a bag or a sack and it means buying something without examining what’s in the bag/sack/poke.

  2. davemalaphor says:

    Yes, that certainly could have been in the mix. Seemed like slow poke made more sense as the speaker was talking about her husband not wanting to do anything.

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