Don’t let any moss grow under your feet

This excellent malaphor is a mash up of “don’t let the grass grow under your feet” and “a rolling stone gathers no moss”, both proverbs meaning to not stand idle and be productive.  Good foot hygiene also comes to mind with this phrase.  A big thank you to Marcia Riefer Johnston for unintentionally blurting this one out!  As she said, “a rolling stone barged into my brain” when saying the malaphor.


3 Comments on “Don’t let any moss grow under your feet”

  1. Hope others get as big a smile from my blooper as I did. Thanks for sharing it, Dave.

    • Joan says:

      I just used this malaphor in an email. I had no trouble remembering “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” but was having trouble remembering “No grass grows under her feet.” I like “No moss grows under their feet!” 😀

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