It was just like a mushroom bomb exploded

A big thanks to Barbjeanmiller, a malaphor subscriber, who sent me the following:

” This morning I described to my friend that when I emptied the dust collected in a bagless vacuum cleaner into the garbage can,  it was just like a ‘mushroom bomb’ had exploded.  My friend gave me a funny look. I realized then that I had combined ‘mushroom cloud’ and  ‘atom bomb’.”

This is indeed a mix of “mushroom cloud” and “atom bomb”, with a mushroom cloud being formed from an atomic bomb.  In case anyone wanted to know why a mushroom cloud is formed after an atomic explosion, here is the explanation:

“It all starts with an explosion that creates a Pyrocumulus Cloud. This ball of burning hot gases is accelerated outwardly in all directions. Since the burning ball of accelerated gases is hotter, and therefore less dense, than the surrounding air, it will begin to rise- in the case of nuclear explosions, extremely rapidly. This ultimately forms the mushroom cap.”

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