I’m walking on ice with you

Sounds like a song title, but it actually is a malaphor.  The speaker meant to say eggshells instead of ice, and wound up mixing the phrases “walking on eggshells” (try very hard not to upset someone) and “walking (or skating) on thin ice”” (risky situation).  The mix up is probably due to ice and eggshells both being easily breakable.  Also, if you don’t walk on eggshells with a person who is upset you might be skating on thin ice!  A big thank you to Paula Fow for sending this one in.


Walking on Thin Ice


2 Comments on “I’m walking on ice with you”

  1. Ronald Marks says:

    Hi Dave, on tonight’s local news a Trumbull County Commissioner that was named to replace one that died in office said on the steps of the court house…….”I have small shoes to fill….” Does that qualify??   I hope you are doing  well.    Ron

  2. davemalaphor says:

    interesting….not a malaphor I dont think but a size issue. Dave

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