She should face the piper

This is a wonderful congruent conflation of “face the music” and “pay the piper”, both meaning to accept the sometimes unpleasant results of an action.   I saw this in a website called “Expertlaw”:

“Our 13 year old was caught stealing a necklace retailing for $4.50. We are so shocked and disappointed by her actions. In addition, we are unsure what to do or what to expect in terms of prosecution, etc. We feel she should face the “piper” but we hope that it is tempered or that the punishment will fit the crime. We have taken personal action but have no idea what we should/could expect from the Michigan courts. Can you provide some idea? Thanks”

There also is a quote attributed to the basketball player Tim Hardaway – “I was always taught if you do something, face the piper.  Try to make it right.”    So let’s go do something today and face the piper!

One Comment on “She should face the piper”

  1. John Costello 2 says:

    Not to be confused with the great R&B line – “if you dance to the music, don’t you know you’ve got to pay to the piper. Ask your momma!”

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