In the essence of time

This subtle malaphor is a mix of “in the interest of saving time” (in order to save time) and “time is of the essence” (meeting the deadlines is essential).  Could have been spoken by a dyslexic lawyer.  Thanks to Lin Sewell for sending this one in.

5 Comments on “In the essence of time”

  1. Your ol' pal says:

    How about “In the nick of time”?

  2. Nan Hoskins says:

    Before today, it was time was of the essence, not to be breached with the unimportant. From this day forward, the essence of time is of prime importance.

  3. Listening and Nodding says:

    I just heard this in a meeting! I was on a conference and i’m sure my confusion was captured on video.

  4. Mel says:

    Just heard this in a call and COULDN’T let it go! haha happy to know that it wasn’t me

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