You’re yanking my leg

That Mistress of Malaphors, Naomi David, has struck again.  Her mom asked her what a “shout out” was, and MM replied, “you’re yanking my leg” as she could not believe her mom wasn’t aware of the expression.  This gem is a mash up of  “yanking my chain” (giving someone a hard time) and “pulling my leg” (play a joke on or tease).  Both expressions have similar meanings and have similar action verbs – yanking and pulling.  Perhaps leg chains were also involved in this mental hair ball.  The last time I heard this expression was in a chiropractor’s office.  A big shout out to Naomi David for uttering this one and to Katie Hatfield for sending it in!

Stop yanking my leg

This wonderful congruent malaphor is a mash up of “pulling my leg” (tricking or fooling someone)  and “yanking my chain” (bothering someone).  Or then again, it could be a physical therapy patient protesting…. Thanks to Anna Washabaugh for contributing this one!