People don’t want to live on eggshells

This was heard in an administrative hearing.  It is a conflation of “walking on eggshells” (to act with great care so as not to upset someone) and I think “live in a glass house” (be susceptible to judgment or criticism).  Eggshells and glass are both very fragile, and I think the speaker was thinking of both.  “Living on the edge” (doing something daring or bold) might also be in the mix, with an eggshell (Humpty-Dumpty?) sitting on the edge of a wall.  Any other thoughts?  A big thanks to Sam Edelmann who heard this one and passed it on.

Living on the edge of the envelope

This is a mash up of “living on the edge” and “pushing the envelope”, both meaning to take a chance.   It might describe a real daredevil, always taking risks in life.   That probably describes my career in the Federal government.  I recall deciding to switch health plans once…