It will help you get your toe in the door

This mix-up was heard last week on the Today Show.  A person was giving advice on how women can network to get back into a career after being out of work for a long time.  She gave an example of web ideas and then uttered this great malaphor.  It is a mash up of “get your foot in the door” (start at a low level in an organization in order to get a better job in that organization) and “dip your toe in the water” (start carefully or test things first).   So perhaps a toe in the door is almost getting the job.  I note that Australians say “get a leg in the door” instead of “foot in the door”, indicating that they are expecting a little higher level entry position?  Certainly their minimum wage indicates so (Australia 15.96/hr vs. US 7.25/hr).  Thanks to Ron Marks for sending this one in!