He dropped like a light

I heard this one on an NFL broadcast years ago, describing a player who was knocked out by a ferocious hit.  The malaphor is a mash up of “dropped like a rock” and “out like a light”,  both meaning to get knocked out immediately (although the latter also means to go to sleep quickly).


Treat him with golden gloves

This is another of “the master’s”, and I have had difficulty figuring out his genius on this one.  Obviously he was trying to say “treat with kid gloves” (deal with someone very gently) but what is the other phrase or idiom?  Immediately what comes to mind is “golden gloves” (name for amateur boxing competition) but what about “golden handshake” (excellent severance package) or “good as gold” (well-behaved)?  I think the best possibility is “golden touch” (a person successful in everything he tries) as “touch” refers to “hands” or in this case “gloves”.  Or maybe I am just over analyzing….