We may turn a blind cheek to that.

Okay, this one conjures up different images…. This is a mash up of two phrases that describe ignoring something or someone –  “turn a blind eye” (to ignore something and pretend you did not see it) and “turn the other cheek” (to ignore abuse or an insult).   Or maybe the speaker just wanted to ignore someone who was acting like a butt – who knows?   Thanks to Yvonne Stam, a keen malaphor listener, for sending this one in.

He is turning around a new leaf

My daughter said this one yesterday and immediately texted me (I have malaphor hunters everywhere).  This is a conflation of  “turning around” and “turn over a new leaf”, both meaning to change.  Here is a great example using the malaphor:

Oprah Winfrey has dropped 25 pounds on her new diet!! After launching her OWN network and a subsequent battle against low ratings Oprah packed on some pounds. This year however the media mogul is turning around a new leaf and hired a new chef.”