My mother could dance you under the table

This one was heard at a retirement party for an organist/choirmaster. In recounting her history, the organist talked about how her mother had a great sense of rhythm, which she inherited.  This is a mashup of “dance up a storm” (dance with intensity) and “drink you under the table” (to be able to drink more alcohol than someone else).  Drinking and dancing both start with the letter “d” and both actions are often both associated together, hence the mix up.

The phrase appears in the Urban Dictionary with a decidedly different definition.  A tip of the hat to Barry Eigen, who heard this one and submitted it to Malaphor Central.


2 Comments on “My mother could dance you under the table”

  1. momberner506 says:

    Good one. It also brings to mind that old movie, “they shoot horses don’t they?” Where they danced till they dropped. Linda


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