They really had to think on their toes

This malaphor comes courtesy of a local Birmingham Alabama news story about firemen rescuing people caught in a flash flood.  A fireman said:  “ The firefighters really had to think on their toes due to the changing conditions. “  This is an excellent example of a congruent conflation, mixing “think on (one’s) feet” and “be on your toes”, both meaning to be alert and react quickly.  Obviously the mix here is “toes” and “feet”.  A big thanks to David Stephens who was on his toes for this one.


4 Comments on “They really had to think on their toes”

  1. Well, in their defense, depending on how deep the water was, they may have had to think on their toes. 🙂

  2. Benjamin Traver says:

    Idk (ok … I dont want.) To sign up for an account but I was searching for my wife’s “that’s a whole new ball of worms”

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