I’ve got better fish to fry

This one comes from the Christopher Walken character in the movie Batman Returns:

Charles ‘Chip’ Shreck: Dad, you buy that “blurry” business?
Maximillian’Max’ Shreck: Women. Nothing surprises me, Chip, except your late
mother. Who’d have thought Selina had a brain to damage. Bottom line,
she tries to blackmail me, I’ll drop her out a higher window. Meantime, I
got better fish to fry.

This is a blend of “I’ve got bigger fish to fy” and “I’ve got better things to do”.  Kudos to Barry Eigen for spotting this subtle malaphor.

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2 Comments on “I’ve got better fish to fry”

  1. Deb Rose says:

    I heard this one on NPR yesterday. The speaker was talking about legalizing marijuana, the possible business opportunities it might inspire, and the logistics of making that happen. He said, “we still have a lot of hurdles to jump through.”

    Whenever I hear one of these, I want to shout Bingo, but instead I shout Malaphor! It makes people around me look at me funny.


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