I must have been out in left space

This is a mash up of “out in left field” (offbeat or unusual) and “spaced out” (disoriented).  Sounds like something Eva Gabor would have said on Green Acres.  A big thanks to John for sending this one in!

4 Comments on “I must have been out in left space”

  1. Peter says:

    Made me curious about the origin of “out in left field,” which is obviously a baseball reference but it’s not clear where it would have started. Right field sees less action (because most hitters are right handed and more likely the ball to their left) so if anything I might have expected that. But this guy has some ideas:


    The most plausible to me is that it’s very hard to throw someone out at first from left field, so when it happens it’s unusual. He writes that off too quickly, saying “but why not right field to third?” Because that’s a much less common situation in the first place, is the answer. But they’re both pretty uncommon. Hmm, now I’m not sure at all.

  2. Your ol' pal says:

    I’m thinking that the speaker was referring to the Delta Quadrant, so well explored by Star Trek: Voyager.

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