That would be a tough nut to swallow

This clever congruent conflation is a blend of “tough nut to crack” and “bitter pill to swallow”, both referring to hard things to do.  Both also contain four words, and both involve actions.   And of course a tough nut is always hard to swallow,
right?  A big shout out to Susan E for sending me this one that she heard her husband utter last week.

3 Comments on “That would be a tough nut to swallow”

  1. swamo says:

    Wouldn’t that be a maleaphor?

    • 314equinox says:

      Randy Karraker is a sports radio person in the St.Louis area, and the guy knows his sports stuff real well but overall is kind of odd, sneering, and at once very honest blue blooded midwest type of personality, and also total faker that feigns sarcasm under an immense layer of repressed anger. Anyway one day years ago on 1380am radio in St.Louis, circa 2008 or so, Karraker clearly said on air by accident ‘thats a tough nut to swallow’! Lol I was listening with a co worker and we both stopped in our tracks and were rofl. He stuttered after that, and it was so long ago I forgot the context. Wish I had the tape. Karraker has also said numerous other dubious things on air intentionally since changing into an FM radio host while trying to maintain a persona of high ethic and low-brow sarcasm, which cringeworthy doesn’t even describe it well enough.
      Randy Karraker – ‘that’s a tough nut to swallow’.
      Guy reminds me of Mike Pence.

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