They (schools) should get with the drill

Larry Kudlow, White House economic advisor, was talking about the importance of schools reopening in the fall despite the coronavirus.  “The president has been very vocal about going back to school. And I would add to that, as I said, all these fancy colleges and universities, of which I went to one,” Kudlow told reporters. “They should get with the drill, you know?”

This is a mashup of “get with the program” (to conform or fall in line with what is expected) and “know the drill” (to be familiar with what happens without having to be told).  These two idioms both refer to someone getting something done without being told, and so it is almost a congruent conflation.  Maybe Mr. Kudlow was thinking about all the retrofitting construction that might be required in light of the virus.  Lots of drills will be needed.  A big thanks (again) to Frank King, who heard this one on the Malaphor channel, MSNBC (The 11th Hour).