Let’s get all our ducks on the same page

This little ditty was overhead at a service desk.  It is a nice congruent conflation of “get your ducks in a row” and “get on the same page”, both meaning to get organized.  Phrases using ducks to get things organized seem to confuse folks a lot.  For example, I previously posted “she needs to get her ducks in order” (thanks to Matt Lauer for that one!) and “we need to get our ducks together” .  https://malaphors.com/2014/05/16/we-need-to-get-our-ducks-together/  https://malaphors.com/2013/12/23/she-needs-to-get-her-ducks-in-order/  I’m not trying to be a wise quacker here.  Just pointing it out.  A big thanks to Carolyn Atkins for hearing this one and passing it on!


One Comment on “Let’s get all our ducks on the same page”

  1. curioussteph says:

    I read this out loud. First response from my companion: That’ll be messy.

    it also reminded me of a FB post by a friend of mind with a child on the autism spectrum. “I don’t have ducks and I don’t have rows. I have squirrels and they’re at a rave”

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