We are going to keep this one in the back of our pocket

This was spoken by one of the Property Brothers (Drew Scott), referring to a house that was a “maybe”.  I believe this is a mash up of “”in the back of my mind” and “put it in my back pocket”, both meaning to keep an idea to use later.  This one is subtle but nevertheless a nice mixed idiom.  Hats off to Yvonne Stam for hearing this one!

6 Comments on “We are going to keep this one in the back of our pocket”

  1. Doobster418 says:

    How about putting it on the back burner? I thought it was a mash up of “back of mind” and “back burner.”

  2. jcosjunk@gmail.com says:

    Hey Dave. I think this is also a variant on we’ll keep that in or hip pocket, a favorite of Sklar. I think it means we’ll hold something back and use it later if we need it.

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  3. jcosjunk@gmail.com says:

    The property brothers? Wow, think of all I’m missing without cable.

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