You hit it right on the nail

I heard this one at a meeting last night.  The speaker, a flashy guy in his early 30s or late 20s, was probably mixing “you hit the nail on the head”(got something exactly right) with “you got that right”.  It is also possible that he was thinking “right on” when he was speaking but that expression is more familiar to my generation.   Malaphors are instantly recognizable but quickly forgotten, so a big “thank you” to my friend Mike (who was sitting next to me) for writing this one down at that moment.

Nailed the issue to the floor

This one perhaps combines  “nail down”  or “nailed it” (get it right) and “take the floor” (one’s turn to speak).  On the other hand, perhaps “wipe someone off the floor” (beat someone up) could have been part of the equation?  The context in which I heard it was someone saying that the person really was accurate, as in they “nailed it”.   “Nailed the landing on the floor” (gymnastics) seems the closest, though Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses to the church door could have been swirling in this person’s subconscious.  Free association is such a personal thing, don’t you agree?