No moss grows under her feet

A friend was describing another friend who gets things done ahead of schedule. She said that “no moss grows under her feet”. This is a nice mashup of “a rolling stone gathers no moss”(a person who wanders or travels often and will not be burdened by attachments. This phrase can be used as a negative (to suggest that such a person won’t find a fulfilling place in life) or as a positive (to suggest that they will have a more interesting and unpredictable life), and “don’t let the grass grow under your feet” (be continually active; act now). “Grass” and “moss” are the culprits here, as well as the two phrases referring to someone taking action and doing something. This one was submitted several years ago, but I thought it was good enough to repeat.

A big thank you to Jan Smith for unintentionally uttering this one and Paula Garrety for sending it in.


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