This should quench your curiosity

The source for this one is a website called Quora, and a posting about Paul McCartney’s brother. The exact quote is: “I’m sure I have others but this should quench your curiosity.” (The reference to “others” is to pictures of Paul and his brother.) This is a mashup of “quench your thirst” (to stop feeling thirsty) and “satisfy your curiosity” (enough of what you need to be contented). When you are “quenched” you are certainly “satisfied”, which probably created the mixup. Maybe one’s curiosity is quenched after one’s thirst of knowledge dries up. Here is the link to the malaphor: A big thanks to Barry Eigen for spotting this one and sending it in. I will add it to the “quench” malaphor library, that also includes “quench that itch!”


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