Let’s get this show rolling

This one comes from the National Geographic tv show, “Life Below Zero”. It is a congruent conflation of “get the ball rolling” and “get this show on the road”, both meaning to get something started. A big thanks to Mike Ameel for hearing this one and sending it in! This is the second malaphor to come from this tv, show, both spotted by Mike! https://malaphors.com/2016/03/28/he-is-green-around-the-edges/


3 Comments on “Let’s get this show rolling”

  1. […] Let’s get this show rolling. […]

  2. Julie says:

    Wait. Isn’t “get this show rolling” a really common saying though? I’ve heard it tons in my lifetime…including in movies, in drama club, in film classes.
    Isn’t the saying referencing the days of old film..i.e. the rolling film of older movie cameras/projectors? (I fully realize this makes the saying rather silly for a stage performance in a drama club, but always just assumed that the saying originated from tv/film first and then just became used in other circumstances as well).
    Actually, I’m rather surprised to hear it’s not a real saying…what with the amount I’ve heard it in my lifetime, lol! 😆

    • davemalaphor says:

      Julie, it isn’t listed as an actual idiom anywhere that I could find but “get the ball rolling” and “let’s get this show on the road” are both established idioms. That’s why I think it is a malaphor – subtle, but still a malaphor. Dave

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