We went to Buckminster Palace

This malaphor is a word blend, as distinguished from the other malaphors posted up to this point, which are phrase blends.  This is a mixture of Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.   Both are, of course, famous places in London, hence the unintentional misuse.   Buckminster Fuller might also be in the mix, although  “my ‘ol pal” pointed out that many have never heard of him.  Still, you never know what the brain may have picked up and deposited in the unconscious.

This mash up has apparently been used a lot, given the number of google hits.  It even appears in ads by travel agents.

7 Comments on “We went to Buckminster Palace”

  1. Laura says:

    At least they didn’t say “Buckminister Palace.”

  2. Kate G says:

    I just stumbled on your website because I was looking for photos of “Buckminster Palace” – you know, where the Queen lives ;).

    Definitely a brain hiccup, I’ve even been to both Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

    • davemalaphor says:

      Thanks for stumbling on my site, Kate! You might enjoy following my blog and getting malaphors delivered to your email. Check out the site where you can do that. Also, you might enjoy my book, “He Smokes Like a Fish and other Malaphors”, available on Amazon for just $6.99.

  3. Valerie says:

    I was writing an article, forsooth, complaining about how difficult it is to teach language and literature in the age of informatics. Anyone can look anything up, but not correct spelling. So, I had to get on with my editing, and decided to check to be absolutely SURE it was Buckminster and not Buckminister –(by the way I have read bunches of Bucky Fuller), To my horror and embarrassment and great, lasting relief, I found davemalaphor. I’m getting older, so checking my own spelling has to be first on my list. The blending that I obviously did to get to Buckminster Palace is fascinating and alluring. But I see I am not alone …

    • davemalaphor says:

      Thanks Valerie, and I hope you peruse the website. Also consider my new book entitled “He Smokes Like a Fish and other Malaphors.” It’s available on Amazon. I think you would enjoy it. And if you hear a malaphor, be sure and send it to me so I can post it and give you props!

  4. dan says:

    also harry anderson from night court accidentally said that on an old episode of $25000 pyramid

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